Cisco ME3600
    • [li]mtu per interface[/li]
      [li]TE is ok[/li]
      [li]EVC is ok[/li]
      [li]BGP route test
      [list][li]IPv4 about 25,000 routes.[/li]
      [li]IPv6 about 15,000 routes.[/li]
    [li]IPv6 on ME3600X and ME3800X, It's been supporting since IOS version 15.1(2)EY.
    These are features supported since 15.1(2)EY
    IPv6 QoS
    IPv6 DSCP
    IPv6 ingress policing
    IPv6 egress shaping
    IPv6 WRED

    These features are supported in 15.1(2)EY1 which is available in

    IPv6 Unicast Routing
    IPv6 Host
    IPv6 ICMP

    For 6PE and 6VPE, It is in roadmap and will be available in 15.2(4)S
    [center]Credit: P'Suwat@Cisco[/center][/li][/list] 8)
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