Network admin configured bandwidth of both serial different bw will be effect ?
  • Refer to the exhibit. The actual speed of the serial links between R2 and R3 are 256 kb/s and 512 kb/s respectively.
    When configuring EIGRP on routers R2 and R3, the network administrator configured the bandwidth of both serial interfaces to 512 kb/s. What will be the effect?
    A. EIGRP will overutilize the 512 kb/s link.
    B. The interface "delay" value used in the EIGRP metric calculation will be inaccurate on the 256 kb/s serial interface.
    C. The amount of bandwidth used for EIGRP routing protocol traffic on the 256 kb/s link can become excessive.
    D. EIGRP can load balance between the two serial links only if the variance is set to 2 or higher.
    E. Unequal cost load balancing will be disabled. 8)