• SD-WAN:

    • SD-WAN ช่วยให้องค์กรใน America และ Europe ลดค่าเครือข่ายระหว่างสาขาสูงสุดถึง 400 เท่าจาก MPLS:

    • รู้จักกับ SD-WAN:

    • แจก Free eBook เรื่อง Software-Defined WAN for Dummies:

    • 4 Feature ต้องมีใน SD-WAN:

    • SDN, SD-WAN, NFV, VNF รู้ยังตัวไหนปังสุด???:

    • What is SDN & SD-WAN?:

    • 7 เรื่องจริง SD-WAN Info-graphic:

    • How to reduce MPLS cost with SD-WAN


    • The VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud architecture: VCO, VCG/VCC, & VCE

    • SD-WAN Visibility & Control:

    • Network & SD-WAN overlay and how to config it on VMware SD-WAN:

    • SD-WAN Redundancy ตอนที่ 1 EDGE Redundancy options:

    • SD-WAN Redundancy ตอนที่ 2 Spoke/Branch HA Design options:

    • SD-WAN Redundancy ตอนที่ 3 Hub/DC HA Design options:

    • 4 Key Functionalities of DMPO Info-graphic:
      Mechanism ที่ทำให้ DMPO Feature เหนือคู่แข่งเลย คือ:
      1. Latency Check โดยใช้หลักการ (T0+T1)/2 และยังแบ่งการ Check Packet Type เป็น 3 รูปแบบ ตาม Traffic Type และ MTU Size
      2. Jitter Check ทำตาม RFC3550 โดยแบ่งตาม Traffic Type และ MTU Size เช่นกัน
      3. Packet Loss Check โดยการแปะ Sequence Number เข้าไปหน้า Packet และ Check หัวท้ายว่าตกหล่นหรือไม่
      4. Dynamics Application Recognition ใช้ Qosmos ที่เป็น Best Market ในตลาด DPI (NBAR เชยไปแล้ว)
      5. Per Packet Forwarding ลบล้างข้อจำกัดของ Traditional Router ที่เป็น Per Flow Load-balance
      Cr: Chow@VMware

    • VMware SD-WAN Security Architecture ตอนที่ 1: Secure Control, Data and Management Plane:

    • ถ้า Dual MPLS ราคาแรงไป!! ลองหันมาใช้ Hybrid wan แทนดีกว่า!!:

    • Network Services:
      • Direct: โดยทั่วไปใช้สำหรับ Internet Application ที่ไม่สำคัญและเชื่อถือได้ ที่ควรส่งตรงๆ, Bypass DMPO Tunnel ตัวอย่างเช่น Netflix, บริการที่ไม่ใช่ Business Application, ที่มี Bandwidth สูงและไม่ควรส่งผ่าน DMPO Tunnel
      • Multi-Path: มอบสิทธิ์ให้ใช้งานกับ Application ที่สำคัญ โดยจะส่ง Internet Traffic ไปยัง VCG

    • ปฐมบทเริ่มต้น SD-WAN: กว่าจะมาเป็น VMware SD-WAN Service Provider รายแรกในไทย + Predictive 2021:

    • พาไปส่อง VMware SD-WAN Architecture:
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    • Enables a secure overlay and Provides insertion of network services are the benefits of VMware SD-WAN.

    • Accesses cloud-based enterprise applications is one of the characteristic features of VMware SD-WAN Gateways.

    • An overlay solution is SD-WAN.

    • Ignite Activation Networking SD-WAN includes Enablement training, Sales metrics, and Marketing, professional solutions development & professional services development elements

    • The sales metrics which include Milestone 1 + Milestone 2 can be completed throughout both Milestone time periods to meet the requirement.

    • Weekly Progress Report Summary Ignite reporting tool provides an overview of teams progress within the Milestone.

    • All registrations for enablement trainings must be completed by Week 3.

    • For all Ignite Activation Networking SD-WAN questions should reach out to IgniteNetworking[at]VMware.com.

    • Dynamic per packet steering, Continuous link monitoring and remediation does Dynamic Multi-path Optimization provide.

    • Hosted VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator and VMware SD-WAN Edge does unique hybrid SaaS service include.

    • VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator provides management features.

    • Gateway is used to provide managed, reliable On-Ramp to the cloud applications.

    • WAN is a common bottleneck for large retail stores.

    • Enables branch transformation, Optimizes cloud access, and Simplifies WAN management are the benefits of VMware SD-WAN.

    • An overlay architecture does VMware SD-WAN employ.

    • Resource Allocations and Error Correction is automatically applied based on business policies and application priorities.

    • Gateways is included in the PCI service provider.

    • Don't use customer names for enterprises and Clean up changes after a demo are the tips that are followed when creating a new config objects.

    • DMPO and Orchestrator are the core functionalities of VMware SD-WAN.

    • VMware SD-WAN is offered in Standard, Enterprise, and Premium editions.

    • Cloud-delivered, a robust platform for delivering services, and an overlay solution for rapid branch deployments are some product strengths of VMware SD-WAN solution.

    • Dynamic per packet Steers application to the best available link role does Dynamic Multi-path Optimization play.

    • VMware SD-WAN solve branch challenges by Utilizing any available transport, Simplifying WAN management, and Optimizing cloud access.

    • Where the exit point of a subnet is in the SD-WAN network does the Overlay Flow Control (OFC) feature give insight to.

    • Simplified WAN management, Assured Application Performance, and Managed on-ramp to the cloud are the key differentiators of VMware SD-WAN.

    • Destination IP address, TCP Port number, and DPI application signature can be used to classify applications in a business policy.

    • A hosted service and Software solution are types of VMware SD-WAN Gateway solution.

    • CPE Upgrade, Migration of application to cloud services (SaaS), and WAN contract renewal are common scenarios when identifying a sales opportunity.

    • 20 is the maximum number of WAN Routers that can be assessed in the Pre-SD-WAN Assessment.

    • Cannot run a Pre-SD-WAN Assessment using the vRNI Advanced License.

    • The vRNI Pre-SD-WAN Assessment generates a PDF report including Pre & Post-SD-WAN state, Bandwidth utilization, and Top service endpoints.

    • The vRNI Pre-SD-WAN Assessment provides SD-WAN Edge recommendations for each site along with calculations for customers CAPEX and OPEX savings.

    • SNMP, SSH, and Netflow are required to be configured on the WAN Router for the Pre-SD-WAN Assessment.


    • BGP next-hop-self can't do, need to do on the connected router.

    • Don't advertise VCO public subnets via private MPLS.

    • Prisma Access Integration Guide (Panorama Managed):

    • IP Prefix List untick exact match = le 32

    • Don't try to migrate the router with SD-WAN by do the underlay network, it will waste your time to troubleshooting. Change your mindset this is the overlay technology.

    • VMware SD-WAN Service Provider Lab Guide:

    • Underlay balance traffic per best path, but Overlay per packet.

    • Cert ที่คุ้มค่าที่สุดสำหรับปี 2020 ตกเป็นของ VCP6-DCV: VMware Certified Professional 6 - Data Center Virtualization

    • Achieving the Highest Valued VMware VCP Certifications:

    • Multi-cloud Networking with VMware NSX-T Data Center:

    • VCP-NV 2020 - Having Cisco CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE:

    • sivasankar.org/2018/2272/vmware-nsx-detailed-design-guide-for-secured-production-and-dmz-use-case

    • www.virtualizestuff.com/2019/08/23/a-plethora-of-underlay-network-options-with-eve-ng-and-nsx-t

    • Journey to the Cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation: