EVE-NG Program จำลองการทำงาน Network Multivendor
    • Gartner’s Advice to use Multi-Vendor Network Architectures Contradicts Industry Trends, e.g. SD-WANs, NFV

    • EVE-NG is the first clientless multivendor network emulation software that empowers network and security professionals with huge opportunities in the networking world.

    • Cisco, Juniper, Nokia, ...

    • www.eve-ng.net

    • Failed to power on virtual machine EVE Community Edition. License key has expired.
      [root@localhost:~] cd /etc/vmware
      rm -f vmware.lic
      rm -f license.cfg

    • Ranking Network Multi-Vendor back-end support from my experience (1st is the best):
      1. 1st: Cisco: from the best training, so many people can answer your questions not only Cisco employees but also Cisco users. But a lot of bugs B-)
      2. 2nd: Juniper: from the big market share, so chance to answer is 2nd ranking.
      3. 3rd: Nokia: little people use.
      4. 4th: Huawei: lack of answer.