Which statement is true about command swithport mode trunk ?
  • Refer to the configuration:
    SwitchX#configure terminal
    SwitchX(config)#interface fa0/11
    SwitchX(config-if)#switchport mode trunk

    Which statement is true?

    A. VLAN 1 traffic is sent untagged on the fa0/11 trunk port.
    B. All VLANs traffic, including the native VLAN traffic, is tagged with a VLAN ID when it is sent over the fa0/11 trunk port.
    C. The switchport trunk native vlan command is not configured; therefore, the trunk is not operational.
    D. The encapsulation type that is used is 802.1ad.
    E. The switchport trunk allowed vlan command is not configured; therefore, no VLANs are allowed on the trunk. 8)