Which answer lists an appropriate comment about EIGRP authentication ?
  • An engineer has added the following configuration snippet to an implementation planning document. The configuration will be added to Router R1, whose Fa0/0 interface connects to a LAN to which Routers R2 and R3 also connect. R2 and R3 are already EIGRP neighbors with each other. Assuming the snippet shows all command on R1 related to EIGRP authentication, which answer lists an appropriate comment to be made during the implementation plan peer review?
    key chain fred<br /> key 3<br />&nbsp; key-string whehew<br />interface fa0/0<br /> ip authentication key-chain eigrp 9 fred

    A. The configuration is missing one authentication-related configuration command.
    B. The configuration is missing two authentication-ralated configuration command.
    C. Authentication type 9 is not supported; type 5 should be used instead.
    D. The key numbers must begin with key 1, so change the key 3 command to key 1. 8)