Chosen to use EIGRP for their network routing protocol
  • Chosen to use EIGRP for their network routing protocol. Which three state
    regarding EIGRP? (Select three)
    A. By default, EIGRP uses the Dijkstra algorithm to determine the best path to a destination
    on bandwidth and delay.
    B. To speed convergence, EIGRP attempts to maintain a successor and feasible successor
    C. EIGRP uses hellos to establish neighbor relationships.
    D. By default, EIGRP performs auto-summarization across classful network boundaries.
    E. EIGRP uses an area hierarchy to increase network scalability. 8)
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  • EIGRP routers are attempting to establish themselves as neighbors. What is multicast packet type is responsible for neighbor discovery?
    A. Update
    B. Query
    C. Acknowledgment
    D. Reply
    E. Hello
    F. None of the other alternatives apply B-)